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Hey beach lover, become an ocean saver
Over 40 million plastic sandals end up in the ocean every year – and it takes hundreds of years for them to fully decompose. Now you can help make a change! Go for the fully biodegradable Cocolette shoes and make the dream of crystal clear water and white beaches real again.
COCOLETTE shoe coral peach red & pearl white with pure coconut fiber
Wear natural materials
Coconut fibers
The sole consists of woven coconut fibers: They are durable, easy to clean, movable, lightweight, resistant to moisture and rot, anti-static & anti-bacterial.
Pineapple leaf fibers
The straps are sewn from the natural textile Pinatex®, which is obtained from pineapple leaf fibers. It is soft, lightweight and durable - and is dyed with vegetable colors.
Vegetable tanned leather
Only compostable tanning materials such as tree bark and fruit are used in the tanning of the leather for the sole. This ensures an especially good skin compatibility and durability.
Remain in the perfect cocoloop
Inspired by the Cradle to Cradle® values, every Cocolette is designed to be sustainable throughout the entire production and use cycle – from the raw ingredients and the manufactured materials to the final product and its ultimate disposal. Each shoe is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Ecoco in the box.
Have you ever tried to break a coconut? That’s how strong and durable the shoebox for your Cocolette is. And it’s also environmentally friendly, because we use only natural coconut fibers for the cardboard, and as little ink as possible for printing.
About our manufactures
August Schär weaving mill
Germany's only mechanical coconut weaving mill in Eisenschmitt produces products made of coconut, sisal and jute. Doormats for house entrances, red carpets for state receptions – and now also the sole of the Cocolette.
Our focus: Sustainable action. Werner 1911 from Pirmasens teamed up with designer Laura Ullmann to envision a shoe that helps to make a change! This award-winning product is a fully biodegradable sandal that offers an alternative to plastic sandals, which pollute our oceans year by year.
Natural, vegan & biodegradable.
Every Cocolette x Werner1911 shoe is designed to be ecocological throughout the entire production and use cycle.
This shoe is made of pure natural materials such as coconut and linen fibers processed by high quality, European manufacturers. The Cocolette sole consists of woven coconut fibers, produced by Germany's only mechanical coconut weaving mill, August Schär KG. As part of the shoe, a linen strap is used which is manufactured by the GOTS and IVN Best certified linen weaving mill, Vieböck. In a European production facility, the individual parts are then carefully assembled by hand to form the Cocolette.
News from the cocopress
“ Designer Laura Ullmann has created an intelligent alternative with her Cocolette [...], which is not only convincing from an ecological point of view, but also fashionable. ”
COCOLETTE shoe deep sea black & pearl white with black coconut fiber
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Hello, I am Laura! Designer and founder of Cocolette shoes!
I live and work in Hamburg. And if you know Hamburg, I' m sure you like to go to the beach there, too. Have you ever noticed all the trash in the sand and in the water? And ours is not the only beach that looks like that. Beaches all over the world are full of it. Including plastic thong shoes. I really want to see that change. That's why I created Cocolette shoes as a natural alternative to plastic sandals – to give us a small chance that our beaches can become pristine again. We can all wear a natural piece of footwear fashion. And if the shoe has to be thrown away, just give it back to nature.